Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jack is Cooking Roast Potatoes

Well Hello Internet!

Heres how to make Roast Potatoes!

unfortunately i forgot to take pictures!  i was so busy making everything, that somehow it slipped my mind...

anyway parboil the potatoes.  this means boil them until the surface is soft, but not the center.
strain.  in the colander swirl them around.  the idea here is to get the outside of the edges (which is now soft) all rough.

then take them and put them back in the pot, and add in a sprinkling of Gluten Free All Purpose Flour  (or regular flour)  swirl them around until they are coated.

take a roasting pan and put some oil.  put this pan in the oven and heat up the oil.
 when the oil is hot, take the potatoes and put them in the pan coating them in the oil.  put the pan back in the oven and roast until they are golden brown.  it should take an hour or so.(you'll have to turn them every now and then)

mmm mmm delicious

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